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Owner’s manual for Alto-Extremo equipment feet

Dear audio enthusiast,

Thank you for your decision to purchase the products of Alto-Extremo.
Our products are manufactured to the highest degree of quality.
The Alto-Extremo products have been designed for reliable operation with your devices. The operational safety is important to us, therefore the stop rings were developed.
Please take a moment to read this owner´s manual to ensure correct set up, which will give you many years of musical enjoyment and pleasure.

General Information
•Maintain a stable surface
•Set the device feet to the corners of the unit to prevent tipping
•The thread (LSP-1, LSP-2, Lyd I and Exact) is for mounting directly under loudspeakers and hifi-devices. Please don’t place any absorber directly under spikes or serial device feet. Please use absorber in addition (beside) the serial feet or spikes, or change the serial feet with the absorbers
•Classic and NeoFlex have no mounting thread. These feet are placed directly under your hifi-devices
•You can use three or four equipment feet. It depends on the dimensions of the hifi-device or loudspeaker, the load capacity of the equipment feet and their own preference. Both options working as well.

Neo-Flex additional Information
Operating instructions:
With the central screw under the absorber, the (right) groove can be adjusted. By using this screw the lower Neodym magnet can be set. If you bring the magnets closer together you can increase the absorber’s load capacity.
The outer (blue) damping ring is for vibration minimalizing. Try the absorber with the damping ring side to the ground and you minimize vibrations from the device and disconnect the ground. If you use the absorber with the damping ring side to the device you disconnect the device and minimize vibrations from the ground. Some equipment should be disconnected, some connected. In this way it is possible to further optimize the absorbers.

Please make note of the following when working with Neodym magnets:
The magnets should not be used near pacemakers, magnetic data storage devices and monitors. Take care not to pinch your skin with the magnets. Do not allow the magnets to smash together as this can cause them to chip. We are not liable for any damage that results from improper use of the magnets. The NeoFlex absorber has a magnet cap, so they can place under each high end devices.

Alto Extremo Neoflex L downstairs Alto Extremo Neoflex L downstairs